It seems these days that many people are making their financial decisions with the help of a magic eight ball. They are unsure when they'll be able to retire, where their children's college funding will come from, and what will ultimately happen to their assets. In addition, they remain unsure about complicated company benefit packages, including their 401(k) and 403(b) investment options.

If you have questions about the financial decisions that you need to make, you should speak to a professional - somebody who has experience in helping people reach their financial goals, and somebody who can guide you through your complete financial maze.

The representatives at Key Concerns offer just that service. We help clients with basic budgeting, retirement planning, help on saving and investing for college, facilitation of estate planning, and fee-based wealth management services. In addition, we offer advice and solutions for your insurance needs. We work with clients with considerable assets, as well as those just beginning to build their nest egg.