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What Do Bakers And Financial Advisors Have In Common?

Posted on December 19, 2012 in Articles

Our family has a long time tradition of baking a variety of goodies for the holidays.  One of our most requested treats is Almond Roca candy.  It’s not your typical holiday cookie (it’s like a heath bar) so people generally assume it’s more difficult to prepare.  Actually, the recipe is quite simple – there are only 5 ingredients in the toffee.  The process really isn’t too difficult, either, as long as you have a candy thermometer.  The difficult part is the timing of it, because it goes very quickly.  Planning for each step is crucial.  I’ve learned through practice to prepare “stations” so that the whole process runs smoothly.  Isn’t this similar to financial planning?  People generally think of planning for retirement as a daunting task.  As long as you have a good, sound plan each “station” of your life can run smoothly.  Planning for these stations is something that financial advisors, just like bakers, have perfected through education and practice.  A good financial advisor has lead many clients into a smooth, successful retirement and therefore can help you to plan for yours.  While I cannot blog out a generic financial plan for every individual to follow, I can share my process for Almond Roca candy.