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What Gets You Excited About Saving?

Posted on May 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I love a deal.  Some people think that women are self-deprecating when their response to a compliment is to say, “Oh these?  I got them on clearance for $20.”  Me, I am excited and proud of my ability to save a buck.  Take, for example, my five-year-old daughter.  She just learned to ride a two-wheeler.  She needed a new bike, and I am sort of a bike snob and didn’t want her riding just any old bike.  I also didn’t want to spend $200 on the bike that I wanted her to have.

I stalked Craig’s list for a good used bike.  I was shocked at the amount of money that people were asking for bikes that were not any good.  I found one possibility, only to learn it had already been sold.  As a last-ditch effort, I looked on eBay, and I found exactly the bike I wanted her to have.  It was the price I wanted to spend.  And then I saw it- Local Pickup Only.  I almost didn’t even click on it to see where the local pickup would be, but I did.  It was in Wixom.  I think I did a happy dance.

I emailed the owner to see if we could meet on a day that I was already driving through that area.  He was available and would be glad to sell me the bike.  I just saved another $20 on gas!  So I got the bike I wanted, spent less than a third of what it would cost new, and combined the pick-up with another trip and spent nothing on the gas.  Score!

Best of all, the bike is a huge hit.


What about saving makes you excited?  Is it seeing your accounts grow?  Do you brag about a great deal?  Getting more excited about saving than spending can put you in a great place financially.  It can change your outlook on wants versus needs.  It also will make your purchases very conscious purchases instead of frivolous.