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Sharing our passion of finances and food.

About Us

We are a group of women who believe that it is important to talk about money.  Not in a, “Hey! Look at me!  I’m rolling in the dough” sort-of way, but more that it is important to understand money, investing, and its place in your life.  People say that money can’t buy happiness, and that is totally true, but having money equals having options.  Having money means that when the hot water heater breaks in your house, you can be frustrated about the inconvenience in your life instead of stressed about where the money to replace it is going to come from.

We are also foodies.  We love to eat, cook, go out to eat, and the time that is shared breaking bread with family and friends.  This blog is an attempt to share about food, finances, and what’s really important.  We hope you learn a little about how to use money wisely so that you can truly enjoy life as it was meant to be lived.